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Looking for illuminated signs in Australia?

If your business is located near areas where nighttime activities are more abundant, having an illuminated sign is absolutely essential. 

With the right illuminated sign you can draw attention to your business and attract potential customers day and night. Even during the day, illuminated signs allow your business to stand out from your competitors with stunning designs.

At The Best Printing, we offer a variety of illuminated sign options, including halo lighting, LED lighting, double illumination, varied lighting intensities, coloured lights, SEG lightboxes and more.

These are perfect for highlighting your business name at the front of your location. Whenever someone goes past, whether it’s day or night, will be exposed to your brand. Over time, this will build familiarity and trust, which will help you acquire more paying customers. 

Are you ready to boost your brand image with an illuminated sign? Contact The Best Printing today for a free quote on your sign.

  • Dimensions: 1500mm wide x 1000mm high.

If custom sizing is required for your Illuminated Sign, please email us for a quote below. * Please be advised artwork is not included in the price.


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