Custom Mesh Banners


Mesh Banner

Full Colour Printing
Standard Eyelets every 1000mm
size: 2000mm x 1000mm
qty: 1


Banners have become one of the most common marketing tools available today. After all, they help businesses get their brand name out there effectively and efficiently. One type of banner that is now being used by an increasing number of businesses is mesh banners.
Custom Mesh banners are extremely useful in spreading brand awareness. You can print your logos and brand message on them for customers to read. These banners are visually striking and easily noticeable.
nThe best part is that these Custom Mesh banners are very cost-effective, especially when compared with traditional marketing methods. You can print eye-catching and vivid images on these mesh banners through digital printing and have the banners drive interest and put across a professional image of your brand before the public. Unlike other banners, mesh banners are designed for windy weathers and can survive extreme windy conditions. Moreover, they are waterproof; therefore, their design is not ruined even as they soak in water!
nNo matter what type of signage you require — large or small scale, private or public, classic or contemporary — we have a wide variety of options to meet your unique business needs and specifications.