Outdoor Aluminium Signs


Outdoor Aluminium Signs

3mm ACM panel
Full Colour Printing
Gloss/Matt UV Laminate
size: 2440mm x 1220mm
Qty: 1


If you are struggling to choose a material for your outdoor signage, we highly recommend you to choose aluminium. Many businesses are opting for Aluminium signs because they are lightweight yet super tough. They offer the best value for your money and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.
You might feel that creating and installing large signs is a hassle, but not with aluminium signs. No matter what size your Aluminium sign you choose, it will be easy to handle and install. Aluminium signs are also difficult to split, shatter, warp, or bend. This means that your signage will retain its beauty and do what it is supposed to as long as it is not printed on wood or plastic.
Aluminium signs are also preferred as they are easy to care for. Aluminium is a resilient material; thus, it is best suited for outdoor areas. You can simply set them up and forget about them.
Choosing aluminium signs will also give you an edge over your competitors because aluminium signs look highly professional, creating a great first impression. No matter what type of signage you require — large or small scale, private or public, classic or contemporary — we have a wide variety of options to meet your unique business needs and specifications.